One studio, many ideas

My Story and my Vision

Alessandra Padoan

Grew up in Murano Island, I started learning and practicing the ancient lampworking  tecnique at the age of 16 thanks to my father Armando who is a glass master himself.

With now over 25 years of experience my work is based on the blend of Murano glass tradition and modern design inspiration.

Each single handmade glass jewel is unique and it’s the result of  my research and development process over the years.

The whole creative process which led to the final product takes place in my lab in Murano island.


The project was born from the desire to combine the ancient artisan tradition of Original Murano glassmaking with a contemporary and innovative personal aesthetic.

Deep research, attention to details, quality of raw materials and craftsmanship are the main characteristics of the brand.


The continuous research into design and raw materials combined with artisan savoir faire and contemporary taste guarantee the uniqueness of every single piece created.


High quality materials handmade according to the ancient Murano glass lampworking tradition.

Handmade in Murano

Every single piece is conceived and handmade inside my lab in Murano island according to the ancient Murano glass lampworking tecnique.